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COURSE/LEVEL: 7th grade math

TOPIC: Proportions and Percentages

GOAL OF LESSON: I want students to review how to set up proportions in order to find percents, parts, and wholes.


NY State Standards for Mathematics:

NCTM Standards:

ISTE NETS-S Standards:


RATIONALE: The NYS Mathematics Standards state that students should use objects created using technology as representations. While doing their homework for this lesson, students will be using a game called Math at the Mall in order to practice their skills in solving proportions. Students will identify the problems represented in the game, represent the problems with proportions, determine the necessary pieces of information to solve each problem, and organize their work as they solve each problem. They will also see how math can be applied to everyday situations like depositing money in the bank or spending money on things like gym memberships. By setting up proportions to solve the problems, they will be using equivalent ratios/fractions. Students will be solving percent problems and simple proportions and identifying parts of a whole when they play this online game. The ISTE NETS-S state that students need to “apply existing knowledge to generate new processes.” Once students have learned the basic concepts and process of setting up proportions using information given in problems, they should be able to transfer that knowledge to the game.





ASSESSMENT: I will check each student’s homework that they email me.

ASSIGNMENT: Students will play the Math at the Mall game and show all of their work in their notebooks. Then they will scan their work into their computers and email it to me as an attachment.

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