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COURSE/LEVEL: 6th grade math

TOPIC: Plotting Points in the Coordinate Plane

GOAL OF LESSON: I want students to review the concept of plotting points on a coordinate plane and practice this skill. They will need to know how to plot points in 7th and also in 8th grade when they start working with transformations, so this is a stepping-stone.


NY State Standards for Mathematics:

NCTM Standards:

ISTE NETS-S Standards:

• 1. Creativity and Innovation: Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.

a. Apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes.

c. Use models and simulations to explore complex systems and issues.


RATIONALE: The NYS Mathematics Standards state that students should use objects created using technology as representations. While doing their homework for this lesson, students will be using a game called Billy Bug and His Quest for Grub to review and learn how to plot points on the coordinate plane. Instead of mundanely plotting numerous points using paper coordinate planes and pencils, students will practice their skills on the computer. The ISTE NETS-S state that students need to “apply existing knowledge to generate new processes.” Once students have learned the basic concepts and process of plotting points on paper, they should be able to transfer that knowledge to the game.





ASSESSMENT: (formative & summative) I will check each student’s plotted points in their notebooks. At the end of class, I will ask the students to plot three more points on a coordinate plane and hand them to me as their ticket out the door. [(2, 5), (-5, 4), and (-1, 1)]

ASSIGNMENT: Students will complete a worksheet plotting points for homework, and will also be encouraged to try some other point plotting games at home:

Worksheet found at:

Note: If you cannot load this particular worksheet, just go to and you can find other similar ones that are also free.

Other sites where students can practice plotting points:

What's the point? (

Stock the Shelves (

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